MKE Code Club

Preparing students for the language of the future

Our Story

We believe our children need more exposure to coding and problem solving to prepare them for an increasingly competitive and technically advanced world.  So, we started MKE Code Club.

Our Vision

We aim to provide an accessible, affordable, and innovative learning environment to help students learn how to code and develop creative problem solving skills.  We also ensure students have fun in their journey.

Our Approach

Our proprietary approach leverages a combination of PCs, Macs, Robotics, Mobile technologies, and the curriculum to help students learn how to code in an engaging way and at their own pace.


About Us

Meet Kevin Reitman

Kevin is an MKE Code Club Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer.  He has been in education for 10+ years and has a passion for innovation in education.  Kevin is a lifetime learner and educator that is inspired when teaching others, and he is committed to making a difference. Through the use of technology and innovation, he strives to find ways to improve teaching and learning in schools. His primary goal is to partner with teachers and find better ways to meet the current needs of students.


As the MKE Code Club curriculum leader, Kevin combines various technologies, from robotics to coding platforms like, to develop and deliver proprietary coding curricula.  He is a licensed Director of Instructor from the State of Wisconsin and has experience in developing curriculum in K-8 schools.  His ability to create a peer-support learning environment that engages students in a fun and interactive way while they learn how to code is what makes MKE Code Club special.  He also trains other teachers how to deliver the coding program, making the club learning experience available to more students.


As an experienced technology trainer, Kevin has worked with many teachers throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to help integrate the use of the Smart Board and G Suite for Education.  He has provided training for teachers with all different levels of experience.


As the Director of Technology & Innovation at a K-8 Catholic school, he works daily to help improve instruction through the use of technology.  He understands the current needs for students, teachers, and administrators and is able to creatively solve problems with solutions that help with ease and efficiency.

As a former principal, he helped provide professional development and coaching for his staff with instructional technology.  He also focused on increasing innovation and efficiency with his own role.  He helped other principals learn new ways of performing the jobs of a school administrator and understands the current challenges of school leaders.

As a former teacher, he used a variety of technology tools with his students to help increase engagement and critical thinking.  He used G Suite for Education to create a workflow between him and his students. Finally, he also worked with fellow teachers to help implement these practices throughout the school.

Kevin currently lives in Milwaukee with his wife and 4 children.  He has lived in Wisconsin his entire life and hopes to help local students and educators be the leaders of innovation in education.  

How it works

Our Curriculum

We partner with schools to deliver an after-school coding class that help students apply creative and critical thinking to solve coding problems, puzzles, and games.  Through our proprietary curriculum, students receive blended learning experiences of both online and offline exercises to stretch their thinking.

Individual Pace

Each student works at their own pace.  We use a cloud-based program so students can login to their accounts any time to complete lessons.  This is not a typical instructor-led course.  Instead, students set the pace of the content they are learning .

Report on progress

We regularly provide updates to parents and guardians about students' achievements and progress throughout the learning levels.



My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the material when she had walked into her first day not even knowing what coding was!  She couldn’t wait to show us what she’d worked on.

My daughter now has a coding foundation to build critical skills for the future.

Our son loved going to Code Class! At pick up, he always explained what they did in class that day with enthusiasm and excitement. He was always very proud of what he learned and what he accomplished!

Student: "Dad, can I log in to my coding account?"
Dad: "Hi son, how was school?"
Student: "Good. Can I log in to my coding account?"

Dad: Awesome, thank you MKE Code Club!

Thank you for filling the void of coding - schools are not doing enough of this!

The concept was introduced in an easy to understand way. Very consumable for the age groups.

My daughter now has a coding foundation to build critical skills for the future

"I have to say that I am thrilled with the amount of communication that I have received for my daughter to participate in this club."

My son isn't a sports kid so coding gives him a club to be part of and he has the the ability learn at his own pace.

My 9 year old son loved his experience with the MKE Coding Club! We look forward to signing him up again. He is learning while having a lot of fun - it's the highlight of his week!