MKE Code Club Terms and Policies

We have some policies in place to ensure all students have an optimal experience learning how to code.

By enrolling a student(s) in our course you agree to the following:


We have limited room in each course.  If you need to cancel, we can offer a 90% refund or we can work with you to reschedule for a future course.  We understand plans change but when a spot is reserved it means another student may not be able to join.

Use of Technology
In most cases we use school technology so we and our students must adhere to school code of conduct and technology use policies.  Students who misuse the technology and/or disrupt the class can be asked to leave the club without a refund.  Misuse of club and/or school technology includes but is not limited to: visiting/searching for inappropriate websites and/or disruptive content (i.e. weapons, sexual content, insensitive content related to gender, race, religion, culture, chatting, instant messaging, inappropriate jokes, etc.).  


Because we have wait-lists for our courses, once a student is registered the tuition becomes non-refundable.  However, we will work with the parents/guardians to re-enroll the student in a future session.  If a student misses 3 or more classes due to an extenuating circumstance (i.e. illness, family emergency) we will work with the parents/guardians to re- enroll the student in a similar future course.


Pick-up Time

Please pick-up students promptly.  Let us know as soon as possible if there are challenges for a pick-up.  More than one unplanned late pick-up may result in canceling a student’s spot in the course.


Student behavior
Students are expected to be respectful, responsible and engaged throughout the course.  Parents will be notified of any major behavior challenges.  If a student becomes a distraction and takes away from the learning environment, this may result in canceling a student’s spot in the course.  Students will follow the Acceptable Use Policy of the school at all times.  Violation of this can result in losing their spot without a refund.


Student safety is our highest priority.  If schools cancel due to weather, the club will be canceled as well. One class per session will be rescheduled due to weather.  


Teacher availability
In the rare case that a teacher is ill or has an unexpected emergency, class may be cancelled and rescheduled. Parents will be made aware of this change as soon as possible.